Limited Edition Hand-Pulled Print


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**Light & Ink will be on holiday from June 5th to August 1st. Orders may still be placed but orders will not ship till after the 1st of August. Thank you for your support!**

The stumps used for hand-pulled prints are carefully prepared before being rolled with ink. The image is transferred by pressing a lightweight paper by hand onto the inked surface of the stump.

The paper may show slight wrinkles, which is a natural result from the printing process.

No two hand-pulled prints are the same. Each is a unique work of art.

For limited edition hand-pulled prints, you have two print options to choose from:

Paper size: 30" x 31 1/2"
Stump print measures approximately: 20" across
Ancestor is printed on paper large enough to allow for trimming to the desired size.

Paper size: 18" x 24"
Stump size approximately: 16" x 19"

All stump prints are made from salvaged timber recovered in Utah.

Please allow 5-10 days for orders to be processed and shipped. International orders will take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive.

All orders will ship in a tube via USPS